Toshiba Netbook, Indestructible

#mytoshiba iba!

#mytoshiba iba!

A little note (pun intended) here.

Bought a netbook back in the day because hey, it was the craze back then. Think smartphones and iPads now.

And so we had around 3 office laptops but as I said, in technology, somehow we all want to be “in.” Netbooks were the “in” thing 2 to 3 years ago and so we bought one as our (me and my wife’s) secondary laptop.

The pick, it is a Toshiba Netbook (NB250). First time I owned a Toshiba laptop/netbook and it is also the last! Why the last? This thing is indestructible. Two and half years later, all the laptops it’s backing up are all dead & gone. And the Toshiba netbook is alive and… computing.

So next time you’re thinking durability and performance, Think Toshiba! (wink wink)

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